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Harrow is a large suburban town about 11 miles north-west of central London. It is perhaps best known for its schools, harrow School, Harrow High School, and a large University of Westminster campus. As you might expect from a town housing a university complex, there are a large number of places to eat and drink. Perhaps surprisingly however, nightclubs are in very short supply in the area. Here is a guide to nightlife in Harrow.

A Guide to Nightlife in Harrow

A Guide to Nightlife in Harrow

Restaurants in Harrow

There are so many great restaurants in Harrow that’s its hard to know where to start. A guide to nightlife in Harrow, suggest that lovers of contemporary food that uses the finest ingredients should visit Incanto on the High Street. Having both a set dinner and an A La Carte menu, it is probably worth booking ahead to reserve a table at this 64 seat restaurant, especially at the weekends. Another place that gets good reviews is Cooper Thai Cafe on Masons Avenue, which as the name suggests, specialises in Thai food. Other restaurants worthy of a mention are Mumbai Junction and Masa restaurant which does a nice line of Afghan curries.

Pubs and Bars in Harrow

Harrow has a good selection of both pubs and bars, which appeal to people of all ages and dispositions. Trinity on Station Road is a bar cum club, which closes at 3 am on party nights. Set over two floors, it has live music, club nights and more. Pop in for a drink, or stay the night… the choice is yours. The regular chain pubs such as Yates and O’Neills are also represented in Harrow, where you can get a reasonably priced drink and food if required. O’Neills will also put on live bands at the weekends.

Clubs in Harrow

As already mentioned in a guide to nightlife in Harrow, Trinity serves as a bar and club, and some people both begin and end their evening there. This is really the only place in Harrow open until late at night, and actual nightclubs are thin on the ground. Those people who are students, or who can make friends with a student from the University of Westminster might like to try out Area 51 though. Other than that, the choices are to travel over to Watford or Wembley. Yates bar did at one point have an offer where they would bus people over to Watford for a fee, but it is worth asking at the bar if that is still current before relying on it as a mode of transport.

Other Entertainment in Harrow

Those people who prefer a more sedate evening might like to watch a film or see a play. The Vue cinema in Harrow is located on St. Annes Road, and shows all the latest films in a modern multiplex. For live entertainment, the Harrow Arts Centre on Uxbridge Road has plays, dance and music, and its worth checking their box office for details of whats on. Whilst Harrow doesn’t itself have a bowling alley, it is worth mentioning that Lava Lanes just four miles away in Stanmore, and boasts bowling, cocktail lounge and bar, and a restaurant.

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