Essential travel tips for planning your trip to Florida

Planning a trip to Florida? Here’s some information on things to do when you visit, as well as other essential travel tips.

Here is a little tip for you of how you should plan your trip to Florida. What things are must to do, how the weather there is, what amazing food is there and what else Florida offers.

Things to do in Florida:

  1. Everglades National Park:
    Everglades National Park is the second largest park after Yellowstone in the country. The river here flows from Lake Okeechobee and gives a perfect environment for the wildlife here. If you love roaming around parks, this is must place for you to go.

    Everglades National Park
  2. Walt Disney World:
    If you are in Florida, how can you forget to go to the Walt Disney World. This is the most popular tourist attractions of Florida. Disney magic which is adored worldwide is offered in the giant amusement park here. Thrill rides, perfect place for children to have fun, a chance of meeting all your favorite Disney characters. You will love this place.
  3. Busch Gardens Tampa:
    Busch Gardens Tampa is also one of the popular attractions. It’s a safari park which offers visitors a change to get close to wide selection of species and spend a day exploring. So, if you love animals this is the most perfect chance for you to go and have fun with them.


Hidden Gems in Florida:

  1. Santa Rosa Beach:
    Santa Rosa is a beach on the Florida panhandle, and is one of the genuine hidden gems of Florida. The Florida residents love it here. You too are going to fall in love with the blue waters and white sand beach.  The beach community awaits for you and offers amazing cottages for stay. So go here and have the time of your life.
  2. Blowing Rocks Preserve:
    Blowing Rocks Preserve is a home to the largest Anastasia limestone. Stop here to see the unique rock formations and enjoy the beautiful environment the beach offers. From the diverse landscape to amazing wildlife, the place offers amazing experience.
  3. Cedar Key:
    Cedar Key is an old fashioned town. The place is filled with good fishing spots, lush beaches and amazing natural preserves. Though it is a small town but it is much loved place and a beautiful destination for Floridians. Go there and you will know why.


The weather of Florida is remains tempered. The North area remain subtropical while the south have a true tropical climate. Overall, Florida provides amazing weather for you to hang out and have an amazing time here. So, go on, plan a trip to Florida and have the best time of your life.





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