A Guide to Nightlife in Watford – A Hostalworld Guide to Watford Nightlife

Staying in Watford for a couple of days, and want to know what to do when there? This guide to nightlife in Watford shows you the best places to go for  a good night out.

Nights out in Watford

Located just 17 miles from the centre of London, Watford is a town in its own right. When staying in the area, one does of course have the choice of travelling into the city for a night out, but those that choose to stay in Watford, will not be disappointed with the nightlife available. There are plenty of restaurants, bars and clubs, and whilst they may not have the glitz and glamour of some of London’s areas, an enjoyable night can still be had. Here’s a look at the nightlife in Watford.

The Walkabout in Watford- A guide to nightlife in Watford

A Guide To Nightlife in Watford

Restaurants in Watford

There are many fine restaurants to dine at when in Watford, and one that constantly gets good reviews is Tarboush Cafe on Market Street. Specialising in Lebanese and Mediterranean fare, it’s a popular place, and so booking ahead is advised. Steak lovers might like to visit the Steakhouse on St. Albans Road, and if you would like to visit an Indian restaurant before or after watching something at the Colosseum, then Rabbani over the road might be a good choice. Additionally, there are plenty more Chinese, Thai, Italian and fusion restaurants to select from.

Pubs and Bars in Watford

The Load of Hay has a great name for a pub, and is rated highly for both its drink and its food. Found on Pinner Road, it also has some weekend entertainment in the form of one or two piece live acts. People looking to have a drink before a show at the Colleseum might like to try Bar Bodega. It advertises itself as ‘a perfect haven for every over 25 who just can’t find a decent bar’, and the decor is reminiscent of a speakeasy or jazz club. On the other end of the scale, pure fun can be had Australian themed bar Walkabout on the High Street, a place which also shows some sports. There are also a few other pubs and bars clustered in this area known as The Parade on the High Street.

Clubs in Watford

The Parade area on the High Street in Watford has a number of nightclubs intermixed with the bars and pubs there. It must be said, that many do come and go, such as Cameo. A regular staple though is Oceana, which features themed bars, different music in each room, VIP areas and more. There are plenty of other late night bars and clubs in the area, and it is worth asking what people think is currently the best place when there.

The Oceana club in Watford

Other Entertainment in Watford

The Watford Palace Theatre was opened in 1908, and refurbished in 2004. As well as plays, musicals and dance shows, it also hosts an annual pantomime over the festive period. For anyone that has not seen one of these before, it is highly recommended to do so! The Pump House Theatre and Arts Centre is a much smaller venue, with more community focused activities and shows. It does host open mic nights and a jazz club as well though. A final mention should be given to the Watford Colosseum. It has seen many prominent performers grace its rooms, and the BBC Concert Orchestra plays on a fairly regular basis.

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